API (2) - Implement a Query

Created : August 09, 2020

Learned how to build a GraphQL API from scratch from How to GraphQL official tutorial.

Implement a query

  • Implement a feed query to retrieve a list of Link elements.
  • How to add a new feature to the API

    1. Extend the GraphQL schema definition with a new root field. (and new object types, if needed)
    2. Implement corresponding resolver functions for the added fields.

This process is 'schema-driven' or 'schema-first' development.

Extend the schema

  • Move typeDefs to separate file src/schema.graphql
# src/schema.graphql

type Query {
  info: String!
  feed: [Link!]!         # To retrieve a list of `Link` elements

type Link {
  id: ID!
  description: String!
  url: String!
// src/index.js

const server = new GraphQLServer({
  typeDefs: './src/schema.graphql',

Implement resolver functions

// src/index.js

// To store the links at runtime
let links = [{
  id: 'link-0',
  url: 'www.howtographql.com',
  description: 'Fullstack tutorial for GraphQL'

const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    info: () => `This is the API of tutorial`,
    // Add a new resolver (name 'feed' is same as in a schema)
    feed: () => links,
  // This 'Link' is just for explanation. No need to write this.
  Link: {
    id: (parent) => parent.id,
    description: (parent) => parent.description,
    url: (parent) => parent.url,
  • In Query : invokes the feed resolver and returns the entire data stored in links.
  • parent (= root) : the result of the previous resolver execution level.
  • In Link

    • feed returns a list of Link elements.
    • invoke the resolvers of the Link type for each element.
    • In all of the three Link resolvers, the incoming parent object is the element inside the links list.
# Send query : invoke the resolver functions for the fields
query {
  feed {

# Get response
  "data": {
    "feed": [
        "id": "link-0",
        "url": "www.howtographql.com",
        "description": "Fullstack tutorial for GraphQL"