Created : April 07, 2020

This note was taken while learning AWS on Udemy.


  • a compute service where you can upload your code and create a Lambda function
  • takes care of provisioning and managing the servers that you use to run the code
  • What ways to use Lambda?

    • as an event-driven compute service

      • run your code in response to events
      • events could be changes to data in S3 bucket or DynamoDB table
    • as a compute service

      • to run your code in response to HTTP requests using API Gateway or API calls made using AWS SDKs
  • lambda scales out (not up) automatically

    • if you have 5 invocations to scale, it's gonna scale out to 5 different lambda functions being executed at the same time
  • independent - 1 event = 1 function
  • Lambda is serverless
  • Lambda functions can trigger other lambda functions

    • 1 event can = x functions
  • X-ray allow you to debug what is happening with Lambda
  • can do things globally